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  • Class bookings at our clubs can be made through the Bluestone Fitness app. Please ensure you always sign in at reception using your unique QR code, as this will give you access to the club.

  • Members are only permitted to book on to three activities in any one day. 

  • If you are a + member you cannot book back to back BUILD classes.

  • Only one activity can be booked at the same chronological time, this includes overlapping classes and applies to waiting list spots as well as bookings.

  • Bookings open 48hrs before the start time of the gym visit or class.

  • We encourage you to arrive at your class 10 minutes before the start to get set up.

  • If you do not arrive at the studio before the class start time, your place may be given away to those on the waiting list.

  • When a class is full, you will be able to book onto a waiting list.

  • Spaces in class will be given out to waiting list members in order of arrival.

  • Due to popularity, for some classes we operate an overbooking policy to ensure we maximise all spots for everyone’s enjoyment. We do this by tracking historic no-show trends.

  • If you change your mind, cancellation is available up until 2 hours before the start of the class or gym visit. Late cancellation will be classified as a no-show.

  • If a place becomes available, you will be sent an email or push message on your phone, to say you have been moved into the class but can cancel if you choose.

  • If you move from the waiting list into a class, you will not generate a no-show or late cancellation notification.

  • If you fail to show for four bookings within a calendar month, your booking rights will be automatically suspended for the duration of one week. This notification will take the form of an email. This policy maximises the potential number of slots available to members.

  • We do not review or remove individual no-show notifications, so we would request that members do not challenge these. Contact member service manager if you have reason to think that you should not have received a booking-rights suspension. Mitigating circumstances will be considered.


Payment Terms

  • Sessions must be paid for in advance.


Expiry Dates

  • Pack sessions must be used within 6 months from purchase date.

  • PT sessions by Direct Debit are cleared down at the end of every calendar month – unused sessions cannot be carried into the next calendar month

  • PT sessions are non-transferable

DD Cancellation Terms

  • One full calendar month notice and payment running from the 1st

  • Cancellation must be given in writing (email is fine)

Session Attendance Terms

  • If you cancel a booked session with less than 24 hours’ notice, or fail to attend a booked session, you will be charged for the session.

  • If you’re late for your session, your session time will be reduced accordingly.  If you’re more than 20 minutes late for your session, the session may be cancelled and marked as redeemed

  • If for any reason we need to cancel your booked session with less than 24 hours’ notice, or your PT is more than 10 minutes late for your session, you will receive a replacement session free of charge

  • If your allocated Personal Trainer is; on holiday, absent, or leaves the business, the Fitness Manager will assist in allocating you an alternative suitable Personal Trainer to take over your PT sessions.


  • If you cancel your membership or your membership is terminated due to arrears, you will not be refunded for any unused sessions.




Please kindly cancel any sauna bookings 24 hrs before your session if you cannot attend. Unfortunately, no refund or exchange can be offered on treatments cancelled without 24hr notice.

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