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What's so good about the sauna?

Spa indulgence often feels extravagant. However, at Bluestone Fitness, integrating sauna sessions into your routine is not only accessible but encouraged, allowing you to embrace its numerous benefits as a regular part of your fitness regimen.


Various studies have shown that a consistent sauna routine can contribute to: 


• Improved heart rate 

• Increased blood flow

• Reduced chance of cardiovascular illness

• Reduced likelihood of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s 


And we don’t have to tell you twice that taking a little quiet time for yourself also helps to alleviate stress.   

How can it help with training?

The sauna’s benefits for athletes are intriguing. Research indicates that saunas offer remarkable advantages for individuals engaged in sports. Heat triggers the release of endorphins, minimizing pain sensation by blocking nerve cells transmitting pain signals. This can alleviate discomfort, especially for those experiencing DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).

Moreover, sauna sessions or exposure to heat can accelerate the body’s natural healing processes. Heat causes blood vessels to dilate, promoting enhanced blood circulation. Improved circulation aids in expelling lactic acid, easing muscle tension, and eliminating toxins. Similar benefits are seen through sweating, facilitating a holistic detoxifying effect.

How do I use the sauna?

Sauna usage doesn’t have a strict manual, but there’s a recommended routine for optimal benefits during your session. If you're new, start with 5 – 10 minutes, gradually extending to 10 – 15 minutes over subsequent visits.

Here's the ideal sauna routine:

  1. Begin with a pre-sauna shower, ensuring thorough drying to encourage free sweating.

  2. Dress in lightweight clothing and use a towel as you sit or lie in the sauna.

  3. Initially, spend 10 minutes in the sauna, keeping relaxed, breathing normally, and minimising movement.

  4. Afterward, cool off with a shower and hydrate adequately.

  5. Once sufficiently cooled, return for another 10 minutes in the sauna.

  6. Repeat the cooling process with a shower and hydration.

  7. Conclude with a final 10-minute sauna session.

  8. Post-session, take ample time to relax, cool down, and hydrate before dressing and continuing your day.

Any additional considerations?

While the sauna offers numerous benefits, it might not suit everyone. If uncertain, consult a medical professional before your first session.

Even if familiar with sauna use, pre-hydration is essential. Consume 1 – 2 glasses of water beforehand to prepare for the heat.

Explore our various saunas across our UK clubs by visiting our club pages to locate the closest one to you.



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